Thursday, December 19, 2019

Snowcamp 2020

Snowcamp 2020

Here I am again! Its time to announce the dreaded Snowcamp 2020. The dates are February 29 through March 2nd.  We will be again at the Sunset Hill Inn above Franconia, New Hampshire. The inn is informal and a little funky, here is a picture of the place below. How old New England is that? They have renovated the inn a little since last year. I havent seen it yet, but I expect it will be about the same with some new paint and furniture.

The workshop will begin Saturday morning and end Monday evening. That's three days. I charge $300.00 per person, a $150.00 down payment and $150.00 final payment to be paid at the event.
Please understand this is a non refundable deposit. If you sign up I will hold your spot in the class for you, regardless of whether you are actually intending to come. That is what the deposit "hires" me to do and guarantees you will receive. So please don't sign up unless you are intending to take the workshop.

Snowcamp is a winter workshop. It can be very cold.

The class is limited to twelve. So every one gets plenty of personal attention. Each morning I do a demo and then in the afternoon the students paint and I run from easel to easel teaching each student individually. I have several painting exercises that will help build the students skills in landscape painting that I work in to the schedule. We meet for breakfast and dinner. Before dinner is served I do a slide show lecture on design and snow painting.

The camaraderie is an important part of the workshop and we will all be good friends before the workshop is over. Snowcamp is a lot of fun, and I hope to teach you as much as I possibly can in the three days it runs. I can save you YEARS of screwing around! This is as intense an experience as I can make it and you will do little else but paint, eat and sleep while you are there. I will work you like a borrowed mule!

One of the important things I teach about snow painting is the opalescence color of snow. I will show you a system for creating the look of snow in light with broken color.

Snowcamp usually fills, so if you want to come, sign up. I will hold the class size to 12.

The inn takes care of all of our needs and it is required that you stay there to participate. If you absolutely must stay off campus, a day rate can be arranged with the inn. All of the lodging and reservations can be made with the Inn at Sunset Hill. If you go to their web site or call them be sure to ask for the special rate they make for the workshop.

The Inn has a meal service for us and a bar and wine cellar. We are able to keep our equipment in the lower level of the inn so we won't have to drag our kit back to our rooms or sleep next to wet oil paintings at night.
The procedure is this, call the inn first, that's the Inn on Sunset Hill their number is 603 823 7244, book your room and then sign up here.


ahmed said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Stape, I cannot let the year coast past the solstice without thanking you for your blog. I understand your need to share your experience for whomever might benefit; I did the same with ten books, published on my own.
When I was 70, I admitted my mistakes, packed up a few possessions, mailed them to my son in Seattle, left Maine and began again. I've been learning to draw and paint. Eight years later, I have both feet on the bottom rung of the ladder and am reaching for rung number two, much helped by your experience. Please enjoy the challenges of the next year, knowing that many have benefited from your hard work and, more importantly, from your example. All the best,
John Moncure Wetterau

Painting services said...
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Stapleton Kearns said...

Thank you, John. Good luck on your quest. If I can be helpful to you along the way please let me know.

Neil Whiting said...

This blog is one of the great treasures of the internet.
Even after reading almost all of it more than once I still enjoy looking back at particular sections and reviewing the insights.
Seems odd to not see Snow Camp information this year
Neil Whiting