Friday, February 3, 2023


I have a new teaching "thing". Some of you who have read the blog might be interested in some personal coaching. I do the occasional workshop, and I have instruction available through New Masters Academy but I am adding a new mentoring program on  teaching a handful of students via Zoom. Mastrius is a platform that allows me to do a monthly group class and provides a navigator, sort of a teaching assistant who will work with students between those events. I will be able to assign projects and then review them, like homework. The students can also submit what they would like to learn. Each student will provide me with a profile of what they have done and where they are in their artistic development so I can tailor my instruction to them. Mastrius has put me into their "accomplished" bracket, so in theory I will be teaching people who are trying to break through from being strong amateurs to being professional. That's a big jump, and I don't know how many people can actually do that, but I have done it myself and I can certainly explain how I did it. I think I can make them "more" professional though. I will show the skills and ideas that have worked for me. I will also critique the art the students make on an individual basis and deliver lessons with pictures and graphics somewhat in the style of this blog. So it is going to be like a little art school online. I have a bundle of knowledges that I think are essential, or at least very useful, I have written a lot about them, things like having an entrepreneurial mindset, being a consistent worker, knowing your materials and building your skills, knowing your art history, understanding aesthetics and what YOU want to make, and how to cope with dealers and the market place. I am excited by this, I think I can be real useful to a small group of people who are in the class. If you are interested click on the link above and check it out.