Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks for stopping in. I am a professional landscape painter. I mean by that, I paint for a living. I want to paint good pictures and get paid well to do it. I work both outside and in the studio. I have lived and worked on the coast of Maine, in Boston and Rockport, Massachusetts and now in Derry, New Hampshire. I am originally from Minnesota , and no, I don't sound like those people in the movie Fargo.
Above you see a picture of me painting two weeks ago in the mountains of western Maine. I like painting outside in the winter better than any other time of the year.
I have been painting full time for over thirty years, and made my first outdoor painting in 1975. I still have it and perhaps I will show it to you in a later post. It is absolutely dreadful.
In this blog I will offer some of the techniques, ideas and methods I have learned over the years, and talk about how to make a living as an artist.I will present some essays on painting, art, and hopefully amuse you some at the same time. I will also tell you about some of the fine painters I have known over the years and some who died long ago. I will talk about my training in the studios of R.H.Ives Gammell and about the many artists who have mentored me along the way. I will try to explain what I THINK makes a good painting, and how to go about making one.
I guess it would be ideal to update this blog every day, in order to always have something new for you to see when you visit. I should go to the gym every day too. I will do my best to keep this blog fresh and we will see how it goes. I do enjoy writing and feel I have a lot to share with those of you who also have an interest in landscape painting and art in general.

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Debra Bryant said...

Looking forward to this journey. :)