Friday, March 13, 2009

Another two comparisons

I am on the road today so this post must be brief. I return home tonight and then tomorrow I can again return to the kind of action packed blogging you have come to expect.

I show to the left a Jacob Ruidael again a little Dutch master and below an Asher Durand and would again ask that you note the many similarities They are 200 years apart in creation but both are from the same sort of technique and set of ideas about art. What were these common ideas? More tomorrow.......Stape



JAMES A. COOK said...

The common ideas they both had:
- symmetry and balance throughout the painting.
- both paintings lead the viewers eyes into the painting. Not just painting what they see but having a purpose in there design. The use of complement colors for attention. Durand had better red pigment that focuses our attention at bottom painting before leading us in through shapes and design. Ruidael, more earthy colors , still accents animal with redish earth color in center of painting catching our attention against the green complements all around . I could go on .....

Stapleton Kearns said...

James: there are so many of course. Notice that the white trees in both lean from the edges into the middle,the similar coloration and the stream running up the middle, the tree on the right in the Durand could be a closer up view of the same tree.It has the same bend 3/4 the way up and almost exactly the same grouping of leaves at its mid section.Most importantly is the reverence both brought to the natural environment that made them both want to paint this subject rather than a more settled or "gardened" environment like Claude.