Monday, September 21, 2009

Workshop scenes, Jaffrey New Hampshire

Here's a photo I took this evening at the workshop. It was a perfect day and it is slowly turning into fall out there. We have been painting on a farm with enormous open fields and ancient trees and stonewalls. It has been a great place to work. Very New England!

I am so tired from driving and teaching and driving back again that the most I can do this evening is post a few photos. I will write more again tomorrow but for tonight here are some photos from today's workshop location and of the participants.

There are eleven students in the workshop and we all seemed to quickly get to know one another and it has been a lot of fun. I, of course, am getting run ragged. I keep drinking Moxie and running from easel to easel. I have done a demo for a couple of hours each day. We have been on location at 9;00 AM and walked off it at about 7;00 every night. Total immersion, then we all have gone out and had an excellent dinner together at a big table in a restaurant in Jaffrey. Here are a few more shots of the beautiful area we have been painting in PERFECT weather.

I will see you all tomorrow. Hopefully I will have recovered.


Philip Koch said...

These photos are further proof you New Englanders have all the fun.

The good news is my wife and I are coming up Maine this week for some plein air frenzy. said...

Hi Stapleton,
Thank goodness we had no overt nastiness at the South End Open Studios because that, along with the few sales would have made for a miserable time indoors during the perfect weekend.

The crowd was there to be out in the beautiful day so looking at art was secondary. Artists reported few sales, a few commissions and low interest. However I did make some sales on small works and felt VERY LUCKY to have made more than my rent for the month.

I also want to add that any real nastiness I have ever experienced from people looking at my work tends to come from other "artists". Interesting. So far I have been able to derail most (not all) of that snarky behavior by engaging them about their criticisms. But every once and a while..the nasty response I am thinking slips out. I fight hard when I meet a bully, my old street response kicks in. Not always a good thing, gotta keep that under control.

willek said...

That is a terrific place to paint. Now is the best time of the year when we still have some green anda the foliage is just beginning to turn. Too much color and too much beauty is not a good thing.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I don't believe New Englanders are renowned for having that "fun" Thats a West Coast thing.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Glad to hear you made a few sales.
The nastiest are usually the other "artists". They get jealous.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I agree. I like fall best after the peak color. It is so moody , particularly the oaks which are russet. The cad. orange hillsides are fun to look at but over the top when I paint them.

HKP said...

I think it's just the blocked ones going temporarily nuts. Blocked portrait painters attacking landscape painters, blocked color field painters attacking drip painters, blocked performance artists attacking installation's a jungle out there.