Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hudson River Workshop, fall 2012

Hudson River Workshop

 The workshop will start on Saturday, October 13 and run three days through Monday the 15th. It will be held at the Carriage house studios in Newburg, New York. Garin Baker will be our host and special guest star.

The schedule includes;

  • a demo every morning, on the first day I explain the palette and the various pigments.
  • In the afternoon the students paint and I run from easel to easel doing individual instruction and try to diagnose each students particular barriers to better painting.
  •  after the demo each day I run  a series of exercises  teaching root skills like creating vibrating color and the parts of the light (that is what you need to know to establish light in a painting) I am going to add a new exercise this time on color mixing.
  • I do a presentation before dinner with images from my laptop. One is unpacking  the design ideas in the works of great landscape painters, particularly Edward Seago and Aldro Hibbard, two favorite artists of mine.
  • I promise I will work you like a borrowed mule. 
  • I can save you years of screwing around

There should be some autumn color by this time. This is getting into the best time of the year to paint outside. This is sacred ground to American landscape painting. I will talk a little about their working methods and show some examples of this art as well.

This is a workshop only, no lodging is required  you may stay at your homeif you are  close enough or in a motel of your choice in the area. I don't make lodging recommendations because everyone seems to have their own preferences that are different  from mine, I like cheap!

The cost of the workshop is 300 dollars. I require a payment of 150 up front as a deposit. I will hold your space. The deposit is not refundable , I don't give em back if you don't come. So please don't sign up unless you plan to be there.

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