Friday, February 26, 2010

Where is Waldo?

Here is the piece I am working on right now. This is the photograph I took to check my painting for errors. It is not terribly faithful to the original but I will let you all see it. This is not New Hampshire. Where do you think I am?

I still have spots left in the workshop in Rolling Forks, Mississippi, are you tired of winter and want to get a jump on spring? You can take a warm weather break and workshop in the middle of March. If you missed snow camp, now's your chance for a trip to the warmth of the Mississippi delta. The land of the blues and Muddy Waters hometown. I am looking forward to checking out the historic blues trail . This is a five day workshop. It will give intensive instruction in outdoor painting and I intend to do some instruction on building an art career, getting shown in galleries and dealing with dealers. Here are some pictures of the sets.

I have to paint this one below. I can see a great picture in there.

Those are live oaks, which are just great to paint. They are a great subject. I have been painting them all week.

Here's tonight's lesson.
When I travel somewhere on a plane, I don't always want to pack my paint. Usually it is not a problem, but sometimes it is and I would rather avoid the whole situation. If I can drive, I always prefer that. But if I am going to a place where I have a gallery or a friend I call Jerry's or one of the other mail order ccompanies and order all of the paint and solvents and medium I need. I give them the galleries address that I am visiting. When I arrive, my paint is there in a box waiting for me. At the end of the trip I throw the leftover paints back in the box and mail it back home. Works great.


willek said...

Terrific painting, Stape. I did a picture this sumer with dapples sunlight and it really gave me a hard time. I did not know wheather I should go after the color of the light on the objects and lose all the detail in the shadows or to pump up the chroma of the light struck areas and let the shadows read as seen. It appears you have chosen the second option here.

styped= a passage that was typed by Mr. Kearns.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I forced the chroma of the lights and left the shadows pretty much as they were.
......................Stape said...

Yesterday must have been a busy day for everyone.

Hmm..where ARE you!? I'm probably wrong (it's happened) but it looks like Texas or the Southwest to me, right in the tradition of the finest. So Stapleton, did you miss the snow storm in N. H.?

Lowell Douglas Holder said...

I hope you take this as a complement. My first and unequivocal guess was Mississippi, while not even relating to the fact that you will hold a workshop there.