Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Workshop details

If you are here looking for the latest post on Winslow Homer it is the next one below this!

This is for the people in this weekends workshop. There will be a regular post this evening of course, continuing with the Winslow Homer biography. Also a curious e-mail I received announcing the availability of , well, I can't really tell what.

Here are the materials for the workshop this weekend. If you are signed up, I look forward to seeing you. If not.... I do have spaces left. This is gong to be a smaller class than usual so you will get more individual attention. Here is a link to the sign up sheet.

Materials for a workshop or painting trip

Here are the materials you will need for my workshop.
You will need a a french easel, a pochade ( pronounced "pochade") box and tripod, or a Gloucester easel. Aluminum collapsing easels and little wooden tripod easels are generally not steady enough and they won't hold your palette. I don't recommend them.


In your paintbox you will need:

Titanium White
cadmium yellow medium or light
cadmium red light
burnt sienna
either cobalt, Prussian, or pthalocyanine blue
yellow ochre
ultramarine blue
Permanent alizirin or quinacridone red
viridian or permanent green deep

you also might want, but won't require,

Ivory black or
cobalt violet

a palette of some sort, most easel setups include a palette.

a medium. I like Liquin or Galkyd but if you like an oil and varnish medium that is fine too. You may already be using a medium at home, bring that. Also you will need a top from an olive jar or a small oil cup to put it in.

mineral spirits or turpentine, and a tuna fish can to put that in.

A roll of Bounty or Viva paper towels, all others are inferior. Also a grocery store plastic bag for them after use.

A selection of flat brushes, a couple of #1's, several #4's, a #8 or 10 and a short handled rigger, synthetic or sable, about a #4 . Also a leaf shaped palette knife.

You will need a hat with a substantial brim, a baseball hat works well. I carry a container of Goop, you can get that at Wall Mart or an auto supply store, to use cleaning your hands.

A fine cigar or two, possibly a maduro, box pressed if possible, no White Owls or plastic mouthpieces please.

Several canvases, or panels to paint on. Please no cardboard artist boards they are floppy and impermanent dreadful things. Gessoboard is nice, sourcetek panels are good, clayboard is too absorbent. I think a 16 x 20 is the ideal size. Small canvases bring an added complexity to painting as you need to miniaturize nature to go on them. Don't bring anything larger than an 18 x 24 unless you are a pro.

Some people like to have an umbrella to shade their canvas, I don't use one, but you might.

A camera, you will want to get a shot of what you are painting because it may save the project later in the studio.

I guess that's it, I will see you at 9:00 in the morning in the lobby of the Inn. I will probably go up the night before so as to be ready to rock and roll first thing in the morning. If you are coming from the south of Boston be advised that traffic northbound from Boston going up 93 on a Friday night,to the White mountains can be heavy. If you can go up early in the day, before about 2:00 and you can avoid it. It is not impossible in the early evening but less fun. Also driving up in the dark you will miss seeing a lot of the mountains. The Inn is above Franconia which is the first town past Franconia notch on the far less touristed siude of the mountaians. You will pass Cannon Mountain ski area and go down the hill beyond it to get to Franconia which is an exit off of 93.

If you don't have all of these materials, don't worry, I carry extra. I don't have extra easels though. See you there.

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