Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A review of the color wheel.

There it is, the official color wheel of the Stapleton Kearns blog. I couldn't find one out there on the web that I liked, that wasn't copyrighted so I finally made my own. Everything about this blog is a little homemade and this wheel is no exception. It looks a little handcrafted, but I think it will do. You do get what you pay for here.

Here is the wheel with the complements of the primaries connected.


The secondaries complements are shown below.

As you can see every color on the wheel has it's complement. Any two complementary colors mixed together will result in black because;

Here is a list of the complements from our color wheel;
  • yellow and purple(violet)
  • blue and orange
  • red and green
  • yellow-orange and blue-violet
  • yellow-green and red-violet
  • red orange and blue green.
Tomorrow I will continue with my color series. I will begin covering color schemes.


Noemí González said...

What about CYMB? It's more useful for a painter the RYB? Really matters?


George Perdue said...

Hey Stape,
At some time it might be interesting to show corresponding pigments for the positions around your wheel. I find students are able to make the bridge to painting more easily.

Great summary,


mariandioguardi.com said...

I'm back in my studio today so I might tackle my color theory later.

Yes, I agree, you might have been referring to any and many people and groups in your last post because a tyrannical force is a tyrannical force, history has seen it under many names and guises. It is never good.

billspaintingmn said...

Stape, I am amazed how you can continually bring something to the table.
Your last post, and everyones comments is,(are) tuff to diguest.
Fact is stranger than fiction.
People are more alike than not.
The choices we make, can tip the scales.
Your good will and positive energy defetes the enemy.
Let freedom ring!
This review of the color wheel is good medicine.

I think Corot was doing his part with every painting he did. Getting people to recognize beauty
or at least have a sense of it.
(If music can sooth the savage beast, then paintings can too.)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, OK, OK Bills right painting is the most zen way to quiet the rabble!! I am over my snit and packing up to go to 'Weekend w/the Masters', yeah!
I signed up for demo's w/ Schmidt, Guzik, Christiansen, Serrano (5:30 am sunrise!), Garhartz and others; I will paint all day en plein aire w/ Daniel Pinkham on Fri and Camille Przewodek on Sun. You can tell I am trying to learn more about color if you know their work, students of Sergei Bongart and Henry Hensch. I learn more about color w/ your hands on, home made blog than any where else. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful art community you have created with this blog. Terry

Stapleton Kearns said...

Traditionally painters have worked with RYB, however there is no reason not to use the other if you prefer.

Stapleton Kearns said...

George; I will do that soon!

Stapleton Kearns said...

After I wrote that, I had logons from Islamabad, Pakistan. Creepy, I suppose I am now on some list.

Stapleton Kearns said...

How are my apples coming along?

Stapleton Kearns said...

That sounds great. I wrote on the blog sometime ago about seeing Hensche do a demo in Provincetown in the mid 1970's.

Jose Luis De Juan said...