Saturday, June 18, 2011

The archways

Here are the individual painted archways from Garin Bakers mural. Images should click to a large view. The following text is Garin.

In brief, You got to know Newburgh. Once had a heyday during the fifties as "The All American City" as the old timers still call it, on the banks of the Hudson River 60 miles north of NYC.
Now it's the "tale of two cities". Along the waterfront, nice and all renovated for restaurants goers and night spots for the suburb clubbers.
The Railroad Trestle runs 300 ft along the shore line as an impenetrable barrier to an small inner city beyond and up the hill.
Choked by poverty, although a diamond in the "Rough". Literally the highest murder rate per-capita on the eastern seaboard.
All the wonderful sites depicted in the 5 Trestle Mural "Archways" , sit just beyond the wall a few block away, empty to a large degree for only fear won't allow many to explore and embrace them.

Archway #1, "Washington Headquarters" 16 ft high X 45 ft long,
(All figures in the foreground are life size.)

Archway #2, "Broadway Corridor" 16 ft high X 45 ft long,

Archway #3, "Downing Park" 16 ft high X 45 ft long,

Archway #4, "Dutch Reformed Church" 16 ft high X 45 ft long,

Archway #5, "The Crawford House" 16 ft high X 45 ft long,


billspaintingmn said...

Home Depot would be proud to know
there paint was in the mix! said...

Yup...I know Newburg, just don't ask how.
I think this was a brilliant project. I hope it was appreciated and still is.

Mary Byrom said...

An amazing project. I love the detail and thought that went into it. Thank you Garin & Stapleton !

Stapleton Kearns said...

billspaintingmn; I think the paint was Ben Moore.

Stapleton Kearns said... ;
I am sure it is appreciated.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Mary Byrom ;
Thanks, Garin for showing us how you do those enormous murals.