Monday, August 29, 2011


Emile Gruppe

I am typing away in a MacDonalds, The hurricane didn't much any damage here, lots of rain, a little high wind. I still have power, many people around here don't. But I did lose the internet.
I am writing a post on the picture above, if the internet is willing I should be able to get it out tomorrow.

I should throw something of value out here tonight. Lets try this;


As you all have seen my palette in previous posts, I won't list my colors, but I have both chromatic and earth colors on my palette. I am not requires to use every color on the palette though. Embedded within my palette are several smaller three color palettes. For instance I could use cadmium yellow, cobalt blue and cadmium vermilion. Often when I decide to use just three pigments I move them in front of the other pigments to remind myself I am only using these three.

When I am floored on how to paint something, at least its color. I will simplify the problem by only using three colors. It makes a smaller problem because there are few choices to make and the notes I do make are easily repeatable. So When I am stuck or just "getting killed" out there. I switch down to a smaller palette.

Gotta go the Macdonalds is closing. More soon.


Marian Fortunati said...

Beautiful painting.... love Gruppe.

I'm glad things were relatively undisturbed in your world.

Todd Bonita said...

One of the best Gruppes I've seen. Good to hear Irene didn't swallow you up, you're in Derry right?...We lost power for three hours in Greenland, the kids survived, alls well.

I got the Gruppe on color book at your recommendation and I found it to be a great resource. He has a simple articulation that a fella of my learnin can easily comprehend. It made me think that perhaps he writes like he paints..simple and to the point.

LandPainter said...

That painting is freaking awesome!

Antonin Passemard said...

cadmium vermilion ?
Where do you get that ?

barbara b. land of boz said...

So glad to know that you guys weathed the storm. BTW did you paint during the storm to calm your nerves? I can think of nothing better then painting to take my mind off of what may be going on around me. What a wonderful way to get lost for a time.
Also just wanted to say I loved your "western landscape". While it may seem different from others it has the knowledge to back-up the promise of what is seen thru the eyes of an Eastern Painter.
Keep on keeping on Stapleton...I'm proud of you for giving more time to yourself.

Susan said...

Love that painting!
Since you pointed out, in previous posts from over a year ago, some Gruppe paintings with that zig zag pattern and the strong diagonal cutting it in the middle, I see this beautiful painting using that treatment.
See, your lessons are well learned!

Unknown said...

Very pretty painting! Thanks for the great advice. I must be really scared because most the time I'm too afraid to put out a larger pallete - I like the idea of going smaller IF I get too overwhelmed. thanks!