Saturday, April 23, 2011

If you were paying for MY supplies

Because I am in business as a painter, I have to to hold my costs to a reasonable level, but what If I didn't care what things cost. If instead of me paying for my paint, what if YOU were paying for my paint? What would I use?
Well let's see.....
  • I would use Blockx paint, I like it , there are a few more expensive paints, like Old Holland, but I like Blockx.
  • I would use Fredrix's, Kent Linen to paint on, there are again more expensive oil primed linens, but that will do.
  • I would probably continue using the Winsor and Newton brushes, but I would throw them away and the end of every day. I do like em sharp.
  • I would use English rectified turpentine as my solvent, again Winsor Newton's is fine. It sure smells good.
  • My white would remain Lefranc and Bourgeois, It is my favorite white at any price.
  • I would wallow in Genuine Rose Madder, and cobalt violet, I might choose the Old Holland for that. The list on that is 468 dollars a 225 ml. tube but it is awfully nice.
  • I would allow about 2,000 dollars or more for each 24 by 36 frame. I know several makers in that price range.
  • I would have a Wooten desk for a taboret.


Deb said...

It's a good thing you have to hold costs down. I'm already priced out of the market for your paintings, but in this scenario... it would be truly impossible to afford one!

Love2paint said...

Okay Stape, we are thinking alike in some ways. I was thinking about the price everyone pays for gas today and how we support the lifestyle of the rich sheiks. If I was paid as much as them for my art, I would drive an old silver Rolls Royce Cloud, drink Dom Perignon and buy an old farm with 200 acres. I would buy only the best art supplies. The finest linen, have large gallery stretchers hand stretched with it. Use bucket size oil paints and big brushes. Go large. Give to charities. Have 20 horses and a huge Koi pond surrounded by irises and orchids, like Monet. The life! Boy, can I dream!

David Teter said...

It's probably like that in heaven... remember the movie "What Dreams May Come"?

Reminds me of a story told to me of a (real life) sculptor who showed up the day of installation of his huge on site sculpture. He apparently came in a limo, fur coat and a girl on each arm. LOL

(Esther Love2paint, nice meeting you at the show.)

Tim said...

Dont forget Stape, if one of your customers reads this, they are!

Simone said...

Sorry, representational artists do not qualify for Paint Stamps....unless you paint pictures of happy workers and benevolent dictators. Representational landscape painting is against the law.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

You've reached a nice balance between good quality for your clients and just plain self indulgence. Good to have a few dreams you know...

Silvio Silvestri said...

Heh Stape, Nice fantasy, I just finished a new taboret in Maple, good solid hard wood, took me three days to build but it is awesome. see it on my blog, pics and plans to build one yourself are there. Has a huge pallete.

billspaintingmn said...

Stape! This is Easter not Christmas
(but it's nice to know your prefrence about this stuff)

Hope you're home in good shape. Have a moxie,and thanks for sharing
this painting journey with us. It has given me an appitite.

Richard J. Luschek II said...

If I could I would buy fancier brushes, but I would have an assistant clean them for me.

Sorry I missed dinner yesterday. It would have been great to see you. I just had a flooding disaster in my house.
If I had that assistant, I would have had them clean up the mess and I could have made dinner.

My3Starz said...

I would have everything you listed, plus organic gourmet packed lunches and snacks budgeted in for work days (you forgot to add in the cost of moxie and cigars although $2000 may have absorbed those...), and 8 hrs daily daycare cost for 3 kids for duration of each piece ($100/day).

McKinneyArtist said...

If I were rich wish list:
1. New studio with north light.
2. Stapleton Kearns as my private on site trainer for one year.
3. Clean brushes and best linen canvas always.
4. A lazyboy recliner on wheels or a wheelchair that has great back support.
5. A special easel for handicapped people-- light weight and mobile.
6. And of course a pain pill the size of a small car - that I could lick on when I hurt.

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Wow! Just passed by to greet you a Happy Easter!...Daniel

Stapleton Kearns said...

Do you have clear title to your car?

Stapleton Kearns said...

I would come walking a huge anteater on a leash, now that's style.

Stapleton Kearns said...

That is the life to which I too aspire, but hold the horses on mine. I want nothing that needs to be fed or cleaned up after, ever again.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I suppose they are.

Stapleton Kearns said...

So I am an art criminal?

Stapleton Kearns said...

I do have my dreams though.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I will check that out. I actually have a good palette now though.

Stapleton Kearns said...


Stapleton Kearns said...

Next time!

Stapleton Kearns said...

I am allergic to organic food.

Stapleton Kearns said...

What is your schedule for recovery? You will gain mobility in time won't you?

Irene Rencsi said...

Love this! Interesting that even if you could afford anything, the most expensive wouldn't always be your choice. My dream would be to travel to shows and take workshops with some of the masters of our time....and some really nice brushes would be great too....and maybe some easels that don't tip over if the canvas is bigger than 16x20. :) I'm clicking my heels together and wishing hard for all of us. :)