Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A short post

It is going to be a short post tonight, I taught all day drove a couple of hours to get home and I am ready to sleep. Snowcamp W went well, and I believe that people learned some things they will be able to use. I did a seascape demo for them today. Painting snow and painting surf have some things in common, besides, it was snowing and I painted the falling snow yesterday.

Here is the barn and house from the barnyard painting. One of the commenters asked me what gray I used to paint the siding on the barn. I painted it from a mixture of scrapings I had on my palette.

As I work my palette fills with paint mixtures that I have formulated until there is no longer room to mix new ones. I scrape them into a pile and set that over to one side. I then often throw a little "what not" into the pile to make it gray. But that gray contains every color I already have on the canvas. That makes it a very useful note as it is in harmony with the painting. It is also often a subtle and interesting color. I use that as I can,"stepping" on other notes with it as a modifier, and in this instance making the weathered barn board with it.


Unknown said...

What, you mention a seascape and no photo?

mariandioguardi.com said...

Good Morning Stapleton, Mary, Willek and all. Snow camp was a very good experience (oh yeah..and a lot of fun). When you take a work shop with Stapleton be prepared to drink from a fire hose of knowledge.It wasn't long before I recognize my weakness (trees) and I found out I was short!(who would have guessed..not me!)But some very simple guiding Stapleton principles improved my work tremendously. Also, as a visual artist, there is nothing like seeing a master work his brush strokes before your very eyes.
Just as importantly Stapleton took the fear out of painting in the snow in cold weather. Proper BOOTS,cigars, Moxie, and rock and roll get most of the job done. And he also made painting snow so basic and simple that I will never look at snow the same way. The magic color is cobalt violet. Worth every aching and cold finger.

The Inn was just welcoming, comfortable, good food and the best place for a workshop. The participants were fun and helpful and a good sense of camaraderie. The cigars were really really good. I'm not even a smoker but my cigar is lit in that picture( as my husband pointed out). Thank you G.G.'s husband Danny for the Romeo and Juliet Habanna Corona! And a big thank you to Stapleton's wife for arranging all this to happen.
Stay tuned for the next work shop.

As for Stapleton..well he's pretty nice. Some others..they're not so nice.

R Yvonne Colclasure said...

Thanks Stape. That puts to rest the "never mix more than two or three colors or you'll get mud" theory. Your barn is ALIVE with color...now I know why. I am learning so much from your blogs. It makes me wish I lived closer to New Hampshire so I could take a workshop with you. I can hardly wait to get out and paint now. Of course I have to contend with sunshine and saguaros instead of snow and trees. ;)

billspaintingmn said...

Painting falling snow.. Useing it as a modifyer to step on other notes..
I could go on.
Stape, you're talking to artists in a way that makes it understood.
It is comforting to have found
a genuine individual. Someone willing to share the sunshine with the rest of us.
I'm not trying to butter you up..
I just want to pinch you with a "thank you" that's not cliche'

Tim Fitzgerald said...

It's amazing the little things one never thinks of until you hear it from someone else. Using the scrapings is one of those why didn't I think of that moments. Guess that's why you get the big bucks. Thanks for the tip. Tim Fitz

willek said...

Well, I am slowly getting back to reality. Amongst the 58 emails was a nice order for an Oystercatcher. This morning I have been looking over the pictures we did at Snow Camp and letting myself recall all the demos, touch by touch and hue by hue. In retrospect I got just what I expected out of this workshop and some nice surprises. Stape's photoshopped pictures are the best way to correct and demonstrate from a distance but actually seeing "The Man" work with those North shore principles and techniques in in real time was extremely informative, as were the "starts" each morning, demonstrations of square touch, brush strokes, application preassure, working with the pallett, tree service advice, snow and sky interrelationships, connecting and interlocking shapes, and design advice with Stape's special twist. The Inn and the setup were perfect for such a workshop and everyone seemed to find locations and subjects that suited their preferences. The food was outstanding, the place brought me back to a simpler time in my twenties when skiing was a priority and the old inns of the North Country were cozy retreats from days in the elements... and it was great to see and get to know fellow Stapletonians, Mary, Vicki, Susan, Mike,and Marsha. I was, however, shocked to see the ladies light up the cigars with such relish. It'a a new age, I guess. It was "Total Immersion", 15 hours a day... it works out to pennies per pregnant principle presented.. Thanks again, Stape, Just great. Willek

dialtuni= Undersea sonar generated radio program for certain pelagic species.

Mary Byrom said...

Hey Marion & Willek glad you found your way home ! Stapleton did an awesome job doing what he does on the blog - live. Thank you Stapleton. Here's a travel log from the outing...enjoy. http://marybyrom.blogspot.com/

Stapleton Kearns said...

I don't know maybe.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the workshop.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I should mention that I threw other notes into that mixture too.Maybe I will do a workshop in the Southwest before too long.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I am not sure that sharing the sunshine is a description you would use if you were to meet me. I am 32 feet tall and weigh over 1600 pounds.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Thanks. That's an old trick.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Thank you also. You guys are very nice to write into the comments that you enjoyed the workshop. I too had a great time.Total immersion and cigar smoking women,11 degree weather and an ice cream desert called a Nancy.I could go do it again, but thats it for Snowcamp.

Stapleton Kearns said...

Thank you also. I saw your photos over there.I returned home VERY TIRED. Check em out at



Unknown said...


Unknown said...
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Stapleton Kearns said...

Hi there! and thank you. I had a Brooklyn guy in my workshop I mentioned you to him, but of course Brooklyn is a big place.

Smiths said...

Hi Stape, Willek, Dennis, Mary, Vicki, Marsha and everyone else.

I too had a great time, painting and meeting everyone. Hope we can meet again one day.

Stapleton Kearns said...

I don't even....
Thank you, i hope you had a good trip home and can put some of the workshop ideas into use when you get there.